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Quantitative measurement of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) in EDTA plasma is done as an aid in the assessment of adrenal insufficiency and hypersecretion.
ACTH determinations are valuable in the differential diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency and hypersecreation. In Addison’s disease (Primary adrenal insufficiency) elevated levels are typical, whereas low levels are the rule when adrenal insufficiency is secondary to pituitary dysfunction. ACTH determination can also help to identify the cause of cortisol hypersecreation in Cushing’s syndrome.ACTH levels are typically low when this is due to lesion or hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex, and high when it is due to ectopic ACTH production or hypersecreation of ACTH by the pituitary.
Collection: sample are to be collected at 9AM in the morning
Specimen collection: Into iced EDTA tubes, the tubes should be immersed in an ice bath following
collection.Seperate the plasma from the cells by centrifugation in a refrigerated centrifuge, then aliquot and freeze immediately in plastic or silanzied glass tubes (DO not use non sailanized glass).
Expected values: ND to 46pg/ml


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