Patient’s need being the first priority, DVL has a policy to start the sample collections early & give the services till night. The main laboratory & most of the centers begin sample collection early at 7.00 am.. This facilitates many patients who are early birds going for morning walk & they come to the lab for their fasting collections. DVL has collection centers at different areas in thane which helps the patient expenses on commuting .

DVL has home collection facility. Team of phlebotomists is available for home collection. Patient need to register at the main lab for home visit. Next morning phlebotomist will attend the call. Many patients avail the facility of free visit whenever the testing fees are above Rs. 2000/- Sample collected is done by vacutainers which help in proper pre-analytical collection & maintaining quality of the tests.

Transportation is done with proper temperature maintenance by keeping ice packs in the transport container. Samples collected at collection centers, hospitals, home visits or camps are brought to the laboratory with special care for preanalytical processes.


In laboratory science every pathologist or technician wants the results to be accurate& precise. Result can be accurate & precise if repeatedly centre of the bull’s eye is targeted.One may repeatedly target same point which is away from the centre; this is precise but not accurate. In laboratory science, accuracy & precision both are very important. 100 % accuracy & precision is hypothetical & impossible due to various factors but confidence interval of 95 % is achievable. For this it is necessary to perform the tests with controls.

Values of these controls are known. These are prepared by internationally renowned companies like Biorad, Randox, etc. Running these controlswith every assay gives you information whether the results are in 95 % confidence limits i.e. ± 2SD. Having regular consistent results within± 2 SD assures our precision.

For accuracy it is necessary to take part in various external proficiency programs such as EQAS Biochemistry,EQAS Immunoassay, EQAS Abnormal Hemoglobin of & hematology by AIMS etc. Results which are within + 2SD on consensus per group assure the accuracy of tests.


Being NABL accredited, Dr. Vaidya’s Laboratory is associated with many corporates and institutions like Glenmark Clinical Research Unit, Sandoz, AnaZeal , CGHS, LIC, India Mint and Bajaj to namea few.